Blue Jay Orchard holds individual and ongoing events throughout the growing season. Check back soon!

Beekeeping Field Day

 Got bees? Got some questions about bees?

On Saturday, June 22 from 2-5pm Trish the Beekeeper will lead a field day about inspecting hives, making splits, and running hives for honey production.

Join Trish for a 3-part presentation on beekeeping. Hive inspections are critical for your beekeeping success, but what are you really looking for? Learn about the "phases of life" of your hive and what it means for your management.

We will also discuss and possibly demonstrate a split. There's a lot of ways to do them wrong, so come find out about these pitfalls on the road to success.

Lastly, we will harvest honey! Watch each step in getting the honey from the supers, starting with getting the bees OUT of the supers, and ending with honey pouring into the extractor.

This event is hands-on and we will have time in close proximity to the bees so please bring your bee jacket & hood if you have one. A few bee jackets will be available to share if you do not have one.

This event will take place rain or shine with adaptations for the rain. 

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